About Us

Mrs. Nelson’s Growth Mindset door

Our Philosophy

Andrew Hamilton School’s philosophy aims to provide each child in Hamilton with the knowledge and confidence necessary to excel in any chosen field. Hamilton School will prepare, ensure, and empower all students to become life learners and productive members of society. We will attract highly qualified teachers to teach at the proficiency and advanced levels. Hamilton School will accomplish this by creating an environment that is conducive to learning, engaging its students, providing every opportunity to learn, addressing all learning styles, employing best practices and providing all the materials needed to support instruction. Hamilton will enhance students’ knowledge academically and socially while increasing their awareness of personal responsibility, as they endure the challenges related to academia and their futures.       

Vision Statement

Our vision is to develop highly educated, well-rounded students who are excited about learning.  Through rigorous and innovative academic programming, Hamilton strives to provide the highest quality education to ensure that every student performs at his or her highest potential.  Our administrators, teachers and staff will achieve this by:

  • Making literacy our first priority
  • Implementing a rigorous, standards based, and uniform curriculum
  • Offering intense professional development for teachers
  • Developing strong family and community partnerships
  • Promoting respect and responsibility among our students