Every Student Matters!

Hamilton Elementary Uniforms are Mandatory!!


Appropriate attire, grooming and personal appearance is essential to a positive learning experience. Unless it is an approved “Dress Down Day,” students are required to wear the mandated uniform everyday, whether in school or on a class trip.

In accordance with the District’s Code of Student Conduct, students who are not in uniform everyday will be unable to participate in various activities throughout the school year.

Grades K-4:


Yellow or Light Blue Collard Shirt
Navy Blue Bottoms( Pants, Skirts, Jumpers, Shorts)



Grades 5-8:



Khaki slacks Blue/yellow plaid skirt or Khaki slacks
Light blue or white oxford shirt Light blue or white oxford blouse
Navy pull-over vest sweater with Hamilton emblem Navy pull-over vest sweater with Hamilton emblem
Navy button front sweater Navy button front sweater
Blue/yellow plaid tie Blue/yellow plaid tie
Dark shoes Navy tights or knee socks & Dark shoes


  • Blue Jeans Are NOT Part of the Hamilton School Uniform
  • Hoodies are not allowed. They are not part of the SDP and Andrew Hamilton Dress Code. Students should wear plain, solid colored sweaters, jackets, blazers and or sweatshirts.


  • Please remember that Cramer’s carries our custom items as an OPTION. You can always buy the components of the uniform at any retail vendor that you are comfortable using. (solid navy sweaters, white tops, khaki, bottoms, plain ties…etc..etc) Hoodies are not allowed.


The Andrew Hamilton School will have some uniform items for sale beginning in late July 2018 or you can visit Cramers at any time to purchase our official school uniforms:



Middle School Gym Uniforms:

Daily Expectations for ALL Students at Andrew Hamilton


1. Attend school daily, come on time and behave.

2. Leave coats and book bags in the classroom closet.

3. Move quickly from place to place. Enter the room quietly, take your assigned seat and begin work immediately.

4. Be prepared to work every day. Bring pencils, notebooks and all supplies needed for learning.

5. Complete all assignments including homework. 6. Do not bring food out of the lunchroom. Gum chewing is not allowed.

7. Do not bring toys, walk-mans, CD players, beepers, cell phones or games to school.

8. Keep your desk area and classroom clean.

9. Fighting is not allowed. Do not engage in physical or verbal violence, shouting or hollering in classrooms or halls. No profanity. 10. Respect the building. Do not graffiti, throw any objects, destroy or deface any part of the building.

11. Uniforms are to be worn daily. No hoodies, jeans or pants under skirts/dresses!

12. The entire class of students will be escorted to the bathroom by teachers at designated times