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If a parent needs to contact their student:

Please give all necessary information before school or wait until after school.

Calls during school hours to students while they are in class disrupt class instruction for the teacher, your student and all of the other students in the class.

As a last resort, call the main office at 215-400-7650.  The kind secretary will direct your call if you know the students room number and teacher’s name.

Please never call a student on their or a friend’s cellular phone.  Cellular phone use is against school policy.

If a parent needs to contact a teacher:
  1. Send a request with your student to school.
  2. Make an appointment to meet with the teacher during their preparatory time.
  3. Never walk into school and to the class without making contact with the teacher and/or the main  office first.
  4. A phone call could be made to the office and the kind secretaries will direct your call to the proper teacher.

Staff List

Staff MembersJob TitlePhone Number
Abbott, Joyce MTeacher, Full Time215-400-7650
Adams, Sheila BTeacher, Spec Education215-400-7650
Alexander, DavidOne To One Asst, Special Ed215-400-7650
Ayoung, RoxanneTeacher, Full Time215-400-7650
Bailey - Marks, TaliaClassroom Asst, Sp Ed, Sv Hnd215-400-7650
Belance, Tonya FBus Attendant215-400-7650
Blagrove, ElsadaTeacher, Full Time215-400-7650
Bland, AndrewBuilding Enginee215-400-7650
Broomfield, Theresa ATeacher, Full Time215-400-7650
Brown, BadiaSchool Nurse215-400-7650
Brown, Danielle NGeneral Cleaner215-400-7650
Brown, Gloria AOne To One Asst, Special Ed215-400-7650
Burgess, Monique DTeacher, Full Time215-400-7650
Butcher, Debra DGeneral Cleaner215-400-7650
Butler, Delores AFood Svcs Assistant215-400-7650
Cannon, Guy WTeacher, Full Time215-400-7650
Capers, Lynitta RTeacher, Full Time215-400-7650
Cohen, Donita AOne To One Asst, Special Ed215-400-7650
Colson, Sheila MTeacher, Full Time215-400-7650
Cook, Destiny KOne To One Asst, Special Ed215-400-7650
Council, Courtne CStudent Climate Staff215-400-7650
Davidson, Jacqueline MFood Svcs Worker215-400-7650
Davis, Sandra JTeacher, Full Time215-400-7650
Dixon, Rowena CTeacher, Spec Education215-400-7650
Edmonds, JocelynTeacher, Full Time215-400-7650
Ferguson, DeniseBus Attendant215-400-7650
Ferguson, JohngelineClassroom Asst, Sp Ed, Sv Hnd215-400-7650
Fletcher, Monunia PBus Attendant215-400-7650
Gilliam, Lena YSecretary215-400-7650
Glenn, Joyce AOne To One Asst, Special Ed215-400-7650
Gorski, Cheryl TTeacher, Full Time215-400-7650
Harris - Williams, Traci MTeacher, Full Time215-400-7650
Haughton, PatriceBus Attendant215-400-7650
Horsey, Lauren MTeacher, Full Time215-400-7650
Hudson, LorraineFood Svcs Worker215-400-7650
Hylton, TiffanyTeacher, Full Time215-400-7650
Jackson, MicheleTeacher, Spec Education215-400-7650
Jackson, Michelle LTeacher, Full Time215-400-7650
Janifer, Tarana DTeacher, Full Time215-400-7650
Jones, Sierra JSupportive Services Asst215-400-7650
Kondili, DianaTeacher, Full Time215-400-7650
Lynch, GwendolynTeacher, Spec Education215-400-7650
Mcloone, Brendan JTeacher, Spec Education215-400-7650
Mitchell, LeslieSupportive Services Asst215-400-7650
Nelson, Antonia VTeacher, Full Time215-400-7650
Paley, FayneTeacher, Spec Education215-400-7650
Parker, FrederickCustodial Assistant215-400-7650
Patterson, Stephanie ETeacher, Full Time215-400-7650
Pavrette, NicoleGeneral Cleaner215-400-7650
Renfrow, BeverlyTeacher, Spec Education215-400-7650
Richman, Nan MTeacher, Full Time215-400-7650
Riscavage, Kristopher PTeacher, Full Time215-400-7650
Robertson - Fisher, Blair CTeacher, Full Time215-400-7650
Robinson, Wade ETeacher, Full Time215-400-7650
Ross, TeanaOne To One Asst, Special Ed215-400-7650
Ryder, ReneeSupportive Services Asst215-400-7650
Sabb, DoraSupportive Services Asst215-400-7650
Salley, Dawn Y One To One Asst215-400-7650
Salley, Michelle JSupportive Services Asst215-400-7650
Schoenhard, Christa MTeacher, Full Time215-400-7650
Siewrattan, Anala KTeacher, Full Time215-400-7650
Smith, Fatima TPrincipal215-400-7650
Straff, EricaTeacher, Full Time215-400-7650
Taylor, RobertTeacher, Full Time215-400-7650
White, DonnaStudent Climate Staff215-400-7650
Wilkerson, Linda GTeacher, Full Time215-400-7650
Zolot, Deborah LSchool Counselor215-400-7650


Please Contact Us:

If a parent needs to contact an administrator or any other persons at Andrew Hamilton:

1.    Please call the main office and the kind secretary will be able to help direct your phone call.


2. Please complete the form below. Principal Smith will respond to your concern within 24 hours.